Reviewers: Ethical Obligations

For their contributions, insight, and review, we would like to offer our special thanks to:

  • Jean-Martin Bauer | Country Director, World Food Programme – Congo-Brazzaville
  • Jos Berens | Data Policy Officer, United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Centre for Humanitarian Data
  • Joseph Guay | Senior Associate, The Policy Lab
  • Josiah Kaplan | Research Advisor, Global Migration and Displacement Initiative, Save the Children International
  • Christine Knudsen | Executive Director, Sphere
  • Nuno Nunes | Global DTM Coordinator and Global CCM Coordinator, International Organization for Migration
  • Daniel Sangokoya | Knowledge Lead, Society and Innovation, World Economic Forum
  • Josje Spierings | Head of Secretariat, International Data Responsibility Group and Project Lead, Leiden University
  • Robert Trigwell | Displacement Tracking Matrix Coordinator, International Organization for Migration – Ethiopia
  • Stefaan Verhulst | Co-founder and Chief Research and Development Officer, The GovLab at New York University
  • Jeff Wishnie | Senior Technology Advisor, Digital Impact Initiative

Institutional affiliation does not constitute an institutional endorsement.